David Hockney's iphone Still Life

David Hockney's iphone Still Life

There are some really  interesting and useful art-related apps available now for the iphone.  Everything  from creating original art, to finding current exhibitions near you, the App Store now has an application for it.

Creating art on your iphone has never been easier.  Even famous artists like David Hockney are using apps to create mini masterpieces.  Hockney recently held  an exhibition in London of  his iphone paintings drawn on the touchscreen using the “Brushes” appIphoneart.org also has some fantastic art-making  apps created by artists  available for purchase.

If you want to get out and  see some art, Artnear Pro is a global art guide that allows users to access an enormous address book of museums, galleries and art events in medium and large cities around the world. Browse by proximity or find results in your city of choice.

More and more museums are using apps to create  interactive experiences for the viewer.  In fact, the Brooklyn Museum app allows users to recommend pieces to fellow visitors and then based on the visitor’s initial preferences,  the guide will generate additional recommendations about what to see as the viewer moves through the museum. Shelley Bernstein, the museum’s chief of technology and developer of the smart-phone tours, explains how to get started: “There’s signage in each room that says where to point your browser, which floor, and which room you’re in.” The system will recognize them instantly. “Then, based on what’s in here, it will show you what past users have recommended.” A number of pictures will pop up on the screen. If you like something, tap its image, then hit “Recommend,” a button prominently placed at the top of the screen. From there, your phone will call up miniatures of other pieces in the room that users who share your tastes have chosen. The idea is for the phone to create a piece-by-piece map, which prompts a user to go from one piece to the next. Having a separate code for each room means visitors can tackle one gallery at a time. “My hope is that it’s like a scavenger hunt,” says Bernstein of the tour. “You actually go find the thing. I want it to become an aid, literally a guide to go find stuff, not a multimedia tour that’s just television-watching.”

And if it’s art you want to buy, Christie’s auction house now has an app that allows users to view lots for offer, follow real time sales results, and submit items for appraisal. They hope to add a live bidding component to the application soon.